Stop Pulling Weeds! Use Preen!

What is Preen?

Preen is a garden weed preventer.  It works by stopping weeds before they even sprout.  It creates an invisible weed-fighting barrier beneath the soil surface that keeps weed seeds from sprouting and forming roots. 

When to apply Preen

Ideally, you want to apply preen before the weeds start to grow at the very beginning of the growing season.  If you already have some weeds growing, pull them up and then apply Preen.  Its important to note that rain will not wash preen off the soil!  It is recommended to reapply ever 9-12 weeks.  Follow the diagram on the back of the bucket for application rates.


Tips for application success:

Apply when the plants are dry so the granules don’t stick to any plant leaves

Do not use on flower seeds

Use a rake to work the granules into the top layer of the soil or mulch

Water it in!


Preen is available with or without fertilizer!

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