Torrington Location Closing - FAQ's

1. When is the store closing?

August 15th 

2. How long will you stock feed & supplies?

Feed, shavings, hay, bedding items will all be stocked through July 31st.  

3. What about farm deliveries?

Farm deliveries will continue as normal thru July 31st.  After that, one of our other locations will assume the route the Torrington store covers.  For our regular delivery customers, we will be reaching out to you once there is a plan in place with which store will take over your delivery.  

4. I only get my feed from you, where else can I go!?!?

Our Danbury and New Milford locations will be stocking the same brands and variety that the Torrington store carries. They will be able to assist you with picked up product or scheduling a delivery. 

5. Can I order pet food online?

YES! Pet food can be ordered online and shipped directly to your home on our website.  And bonus, all your frequent buyer points still count!

6. What are the discounts?

Discounts will vary by product and stock, your best bet is to follow the Torrington Agway Facebook page for up to date discounts.