East Coast Salt K-Life (Potassium Chloride) (40 lb)

East Coast Salt

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Sodium free water softener are 98.9% pure potassium chloride

Softened water...a better choice for your family.

Softened water brings all kinds of welcome benefits to your family’s lifestyle:

  • Reduced soap scum on bathtubs, shower tiles, basins and other household surfaces
  • Richer soap and detergent lather that cleanses more effectively
  • Fresher, cleaner feeling skin
  • Brighter clothes from the washer while using less detergent
  • Less hard mineral deposits that can clog pipes and stain appliances

You can use salt in your water softener. But if you do, you’re adding sodium to your family’s drinking water. That’s why there’s K-Life, the safe, effective alternative that softens your water without adding sodium.

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