Weber Griddle Starter Set (3 Piece Set)


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Ease into griddling goodness. With this Griddle Starter Set, you can make everything from fluffy pancakes and savory fajitas to classic grilled cheese. Includes: Griddle Spatula, Griddle Scraper and a Griddle Squeeze Bottle.

• Griddle Spatula for flipping and moving heavier food with ease
• Griddle Scraper effectively removes grease and grime
• Griddle Squeeze Bottle for dispensing dressings, oil and more
• Dishwasher safe
• BPA free


Out Of Carton Dimensions: Griddle Spatula16.40"H x 4.00"W x 4.30"D
Out Of Carton Dimensions: Griddle Scraper12.40"H x 5.50"W x 1.10"D
Out Of Carton Dimensions: Griddle Squeeze Bottle7.70"H x 2.80"W x 2.80"D
Individual Carton Dimensions 17.13"H x 8.86"W x 3.86"D
Material Griddle Spatula: Stainless steel / Griddle Scraper: Stainless steel / Griddle Squeeze Bottle: Polyethylene
Care Instructions Dishwasher safe

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